The Management Team

Gérard DOURY

Gérard DOURY is a business school graduate and co-founder of AS & Associés. He founded the company after leaving school and set about managing its affairs along with partner, Christophe DUPRE. Gérard is independent-minded and a visionary in his field. He specialises in financial engineering and property management and his work his highly regarded among his French peers.

Christophe DUPRE

After receiving a foundation at business school and then completing a course in Management Science in the United States, his urge to lead and serve led Christophe DUPRE to co-found AS & Associés in 1997. Over the years, he has gained the loyalty of employees and clients alike, firmly stamping the group’s brand in the marketplace and consequently becoming one of the main proponents in building AS & Associés as the wealth management firm of choice for those in the know.

Charles ALAZET

Graduate of the ICN Business School (Nancy) and the ICADE Madrid, Charles ALAZET developed his skills in the bank insurance sector of Accenture’s financial leg, FSI. He joined AS & Associés in 2004 and created his own subsidiary in 2007 which as of today represents more than 30% of the groups’ business. In 2006, Charles became the 3rd partner of AS & Associés. He is also partner in a family-owned business dealing in financial brokerage and manages a holding company.

Edouard ULRICH

Edouard ULRICH holds a Master’s Degree in Economy and earned a master’s from the ESCP. After four years with Eurogroup Consulting, a organisations and strategic consulting firm in the banking sector, Edouard joined AS & Associés in 2004 as an independent consultant. In 2007, he established his own subsidiary and became a partner in 2008. This subsidiary now comprises around fifteen employees and generates an annual turnover of more than € 30 million; giving it a high profile in the industry.


Arnaud CHESNE is a graduate of the French Institute of Management. He spent a year at Bouygues Immobilier and joined AS & Associés as a consultant when the firm was established in 1997. It was not long before CHESNE was managing and developing a full team of consultants. CHESNE is a veritable pillar of society and the group’s historical expert, having mastered all aspects of property management. He became a partner in 2008. He jointly manages the ASP subsidiary and the activities of the provincial agencies with Jean-Christophe DULUC.

Jean-Marc MYARA

Former head of training at the AZUR group, Jean-Marc MYARA joined AS & Associés in 1999. His experience, passion for training and willingness to share his knowledge are invaluable to the firm, allowing new group members to understand the firm’s corporate values and a sense of duty. He became a partner in 2008.


Director of development for more than a decade in firms serving the luxury-end sector Stéphane HERNAULT met Charles ALAZET in 2009 and subsequently joined AS & Associés to pass on his expertise to the firm’s client network. After becoming a partner in 2013, HERNAUT got involved with training future consultants. Today, he educates on global strategy to wealth management master’s students and trains new recruits on Currently he is an educator in global strategy to wealth management master’s students and trains new recruits on matters of asset management. He is also an avid participant on specialist websites, providing responses to internet users as an expert blogger and aiding them with their research on issues of wealth management.

Laurent CALLU

Laurent CALLU graduated with a degree in finance and went on to obtain a Master’s in Entrepreneurship from a Parisian business school. In late 2009 he joined AS & Associés alongside Edouard ULRICH. In recent years CALLU has realised considerable turnover, steering him to lead the Group and helping to maintain positive group dynamics. With this trajectory and his unwavering commitment he invested to become a partner in 2014. He now concentrates his energy on drawing out new talents and sharing with them his vision of the industry.