Expatriate property ownership

Optimise your finances for your return

There are many expatriates that would like to invest in French property in view of their future return to living in France. When chosen correctly, a property investment comprises a no-risk solution to protect your savings. Such property investments are highly effective and offer the chance to keep one foot on the ground in France while you are away.

The experience of a property investment expert

With AS & Associés, you will have access to your own property expert who is also able to help you manage any existing properties that you already own. If you wish to invest in new purchases, our team is dedicated to providing you customised advice and options based on your needs; responding to questions such as: Empty or furnished? Residential or professional? Managed or unmanaged leasing? Once you have made your choice, our experts are with you at each step owing to our reliable network of partnering developers, operators, banks, contract managers, accountants and tax solicitors, etc.

Fully integrated services to meet your objectives:

French property management from overseas 
• Selection of the best partners for your property, such as property managers, work contractors, co-ownership syndicates and insurance providers, etc
• Realising and coordinating different strategies to maintain optimal management of your property
• Frequent reporting

Research of new property investment opportunities in France
• Analysis of your project to determine feasibility
• Researching properties that correspond to your expectations
• Managing every stage of your investment

Generating additional income in preparation for your return
• Analysis of your personal situation and financial objectives
• Proposing cost-managed, safe and sustainable solutions for your property
• Services for every stage of your investment

AS & Associés has been serving individuals for 19 years in creating and structuring their property assets. With a presence throughout France, our company is at your service to provide property investment opportunities through our regional networks, and with the experience and expertise of our specialist consultants and their partnerships with some of the biggest names in property in France.

Our commitments


Our consultants are recognised experts in property that have a comprehensive understanding of tax systems affecting property investments and mechanisms for minimising fiscal implications.

Extended choice

Owing to our partnerships with some of France’s largest property developers, we have access to a vast range of available projects, including some that are exclusive to AS & Associés.


We are by your side in seeking out the most suitable project to meet your financial objectives, in selecting the best mode of financing and in providing management solutions for your property.


Throughout our dealings with developers and property managers, our only focus is simple: your interests.


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