AS & Associés, proud partner of La chaîne de l’espoir

AS & ASSOCIES is proud to be associated with the charitable organisation La chaîne de l’espoir, founded in 1994 by Professor Alain DELOCHE. La chaîne de l’espoir funds and organises projects in more than 30 countries to care for and educate underprivileged children.


A true chain of solidaritychaine-logo

AS & Associés and its consultants acknowledge the organisation’s work in sponsoring and assisting school programmes as well as its fine network of specialist surgeons that perform thousands of operations every year to save children’s lives. AS & Associés are fiscal contributors and supports of La chaîne de l’espoir to mark the organisation’s extraordinary efforts and its contribution to France’s image across international borders.


Charitable donations and tax reductions

With a view to long-term partnership, AS & Associés makes a significant annual donation to La chaîne de l’espoir. For those clients that wish to join AS & Associés in its goodwill towards La chaîne de l’espoir, a 75% tax reduction is available to donors in addition to the funds being welcomed by the charitable entity.